Project Governance

Avoid cost & time overruns!
Partner with us to have your project scope clearly defined & delivered on time through guided procedures, planning and execution


Need assessment

Implementing a new technology without proper need assessment often results in wastage of time, money and other resources. 

We engage with our clients and methodically run them through a set of activities to identify precise business needs such as required technology, human skill-set and procedural updates   


Gap Analysis

As your business grows, there is a need to continuously invest in technology and human-resource skill-set to meet the evolving business requirements. Any imbalance between objectives and human / technology capability can impact your business performance. 

We analyse these gaps and recommend solutions 


Risk assessment

Businesses depend on people, procedures and technologies and each of these are prone to risks which, if they occur, can have negligible-to-catastrophic impact on business performance. 

We identify such risks and preempt their occurrence by recommending preventive controls that eliminate or minimize the probability of risk occurrence. Monitoring mechanisms are implemented to identify any change from previous state